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You blessed us all ...

Dear Interfaith Alliance and OCC Volunteers,

You blessed us all, most especially our Muslim neighbors, by your presence at the 6th annual Muslim Day at the Capitol this past Monday. We have received overwhelming messages of gratitude and thanks for a city full of people who love their neighbors as themselves. By standing in the cold to greet attendees, you made sure a smile and a welcome were the first things they saw in the Oklahoma People's House, their house. And - possibly because we have been the largest, strongest, loudest group to greet our Muslim neighbors - this year, for the first time, there was NOT A SINGLE PROTESTOR!! That did not go without widespread recognition, by the Muslim community and by others at the Capitol, including our legislators. You made a difference and it is being noticed!

Thank your or your willingness to be a part of beloved community. Thank you for joining us in service. And thank you for continuing to make this place the best it can be! A model to the world for how to be a community.


Noel Jacobs, PhD

Vice-President, The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma

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