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The mission of the Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma is to promote the positive role of religion as a reconciling force in public and private life. As people of many faiths, we respect religious diversity and we will work together to make our society more inclusive, our public discourse more civil and our nation more affirming of diversity.


The information below chronicles some of the work that we do on an ongoing basis. You will find that our support for religious diversity, human rights and the democratic spirit remains strong.


We continue to monitor legislation at the State and National levels in order to discern legislative effects on the principles of religious liberty. 


We have worked in cooperation with educators in the science community who oppose the effort to establish legislatively a religious program in the guise of science education.


We have continued to monitor the status of bullying at all levels of society, but especially among the teenage population. We sponsor the LEADD program of the Interfaith Alliance for promoting leadership education advancing democracy and diversity amongst high school students.


We continue to sponsor an Interfaith Day of Reflection on the occasion of the National Day of prayer, giving visual support to the core American value of religious liberty.


In addition, we have shared in the work of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches Day at the Legislature. Jeff Hamilton served on the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan, representing the Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma

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