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To sign up to volunteer please use this Google Form:


To foster interfaith friendships 

and to practice cooperation by serving 

our community together.

Since 2013, The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma has been sponsoring activities that intentionally bring together our rich, diverse, and service-minded communities of belief in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The goal: give everyone a chance to get to know people of other beliefs in a friendly and safe environment by letting them work side by side helping our city in real, tangible ways. 

Since our first event, renovating the gardens and grounds of a Catholic Homeless Shelter, we have conducted 4-5 projects each year. We have spent hours together in projects such as preparing food for the hungry, helping with renovation at non-profit organizations and assisting with community events.

Each of our projects has a specific service focus and is organized in a way that volunteers are surrounded by people whose beliefs and cultures may be different, but whose hearts value the same thing: loving community. That's the only prerequisite!  


We arrange volunteers in small groups to work, then we take a break for snacks and conversation encouraged by Amazing Faiths questions that prompt expressing something about one’s beliefs and listening to each other. Our goal is to facilitate connections and understanding while we serve our community.


We often have participation by at least 4-5 different faiths and those who are agnostic and atheists.  We welcome you to register!

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