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Dead Sea Scroll Research at Oklahoma City University: A Four-Year, Undergraduate-Faculty Collaborati

Dead Sea Scroll Research at Oklahoma City University: A Four-Year, Undergraduate-Faculty Collaborative Adventure

Join us on Thursday, November 3 at noon for a presentation by our OCU Dead Sea Scroll research team, whose work has just been published. Our student-faculty group, including Allison Bevers, Kathryn Hirsch, Leigh Smith, Daniel Ethan Watt, and Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe finally can describe the exciting findings of our work on a fragment of Psalm 11 from the Museum of the Bible Collection. A recently-published book contains the OCU team’s conclusions about this artifact, along with a chapter by the group’s faculty leader on the process of research as a means of teaching.

Book Title: Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in the Museum Collection; Editors: Emanuel Tov, Kipp Davis and Robert Duke

Contributions by OCU Team: “Procedure Followed by the Museum of the Bible Scholars Teams: Manuscript Research as Pedagogy,” Lisa M. Wolfe; “Psalm 11:1–4 (Inv. MOTB.SCR.000121),” Lisa M. Wolfe; Allison Bevers; Kathryn Hirsch; Leigh Smith and Daniel Ethan Watt

The event will be held in the Watson Lounge, on the Lower Level of the Angie Smith Chapel at OCU from 12-1. Lunch is available for $7 with an RSVP by October 26 to Annette Harper,, or bring your own lunch. Parking is available behind the OCU Visitor Center at 23rd and Blackwelder, on Noble Drive (parallel to 23rd), or in the lot east of Kentucky and north of 23rd St. For anyone interested, the weekly OCU chapel service will follow this presentation upstairs at 1:00.

Lisa M. Wolfe, Ph.D.

Professor, Endowed Chair of Hebrew Bible

Wimberly School of Religion

Coordinator of Interfaith Programming

Oklahoma City University

2501 N. Blackwelder

Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493

Gold Star Building 240-A; 405-208-5286

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