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Dear Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma Members,


We pray this message finds you well and with your loved ones in the ways that are most important right now.


This year has brought significant change, stress, and, at times, loss. We have seen major social movements grow out into our streets, and had deep conversations within our homes. We have seen unrest on the political stage from local communities to the halls of our current administration, and we have seen great people come together to make sure we remember our connectedness.


This year the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, like many other nonprofit organizations, was affected by the pandemic in ways that led to re-configuring old activities safely and creating some new activities that work with our current community health needs, all while we continued to serve the greater good of support for religious freedom. We hope you have been able to come with us on this journey!


At the bottom of this page, please find some brief and helpful videos created by our committee chairs, to tell you how we have been busy serving the great people of our state, and what we are planning! 

We also hope you are renewing or already have renewed your membership.

You can do that HERE


We have exciting things in store for 2021, including more ways to socialize and learn from each other - virtually as the year begins, and hopefully in person quickly as our nation's health situation changes. 


Grace and Peace to all of you in this season. May we experience joy in small things, and deep connections despite the space between us right now.



The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma

Rabbi Abby Jacobson

Rabbi Abby Jacobson

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Dr. Noel Jacobs

Rev. Aaron Bolerjack

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