The Interfaith Alliance is a non-partisan, clergy-led grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the positive, healing role of faith in civic life and challenging intolerance and extremism.


On Capitol Hill, through community and online activism, and by focusing media coverage, we work to safeguard religious liberty, ensure civil rights, restore good government, strengthen the public education system, eradicate poverty, and champion a safe and clean environment.


We believe that religious freedom is a foundation for American democracy.

We believe that individual rights and matters of personal conscience must be held sacred.

We believe that religious and political extremists are a threat to individual liberty and democracy.

We believe that celebrating religious and cultural difference is the way to achieve a vibrant community.

Our Network

With over 150,000 members drawn from more than 50 traditions, - and those with none at all - local Alliance in 38 states, and a national network of religious leaders, The Interfaith Alliance aims to encourage compassion, civility and mutual respect for human dignity in an increasingly diverse society.