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2016 Day of Reflection

Interfaith Alliance Day of Reflection

On May 5th, as in past years, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma will host a Day of Reflection as a fully inclusive alternative to the

National Day of Prayer.

As many of you know, in Oklahoma and elsewhere, the National Day of Prayer, originally intended for all people of this nation, has been exclusively a Christian event since the 1980s. The Day of Reflection includes all belief traditions.

You are looking at a photo of 21 "books," people of different belief systems, all of whom are American. Tonight, each of these books told the story of his or her faith and let us "read" them and know more about those different from us, different and yet equally precious and valued in our community. We thank you all! All of them, all of us, have the right and privilege to worship, or not worship, in a country that by its own Constitution does not give preference or place to one religion over another. This is what makes our country great.

Over the years, we have rotated the host location. This year it will be at the Spring Creek Baptist Church, as listed above.

The format, however, is going to be different from past years.

Instead of a talk, followed by a panel and a question & answer session, we will use an interesting adaptation of the Human Library idea. People from diverse belief backgrounds will act as "books" to be checked out by assigned groups attending the event. We think this will provide a more personal set of interactions, tied together by the fact that all these belief traditions are unified by a devotion to our country, a hope for its safety and success, and a belief that the faith diversity in our nation is one of our strengths.

There will be some light refreshments at the end.

You do not need to register - just show up.

We are excited about this format, and hope you will join us.

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