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Beyond Coexistence-Vision for Oklahoma City

Saturday, April 26, 9-12 AM and Sunday, April 27, 1-4 PM, Health Alliance for the Uninsured and The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma will be helping vision specialists in Oklahoma City provide free screenings and referrals for the elderly and uninsured. We need adult volunteers for either or both days who are willing to help (no medical or vision screening training is necessary). Work involved will include helping patrons fill out information forms, providing resources, and assisting with the screenings. Volunteers will receive follow-up emails for details of locations and instructions. Please sign up to help those around us in need with life-changing support, and help us achieve our goal! You will be contacted personally regarding the screening locations as soon as those locations are selected.

We would like to have a trained health specialist at each site to help identify other medical needs of our patrons.

More information about Health Alliance United can be found at their website:

If you have questions about the event or requirements before you sign up, please email Noel J. Jacobs at

The Health Alliance for the Uninsured (HAU) is a catalyst for improved health care services for those who otherwise would be unable to obtain them. 5929 N May Avenue, Suite 511 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Our Friends and Neighbors are Uninsured Oklahoma faces a health crisis ñ 14% of the state population is uninsured. In Oklahoma County, 21.6% or 1 in 5 persons is uninsured. The majority of these individuals are 19-64 years of age and are working, but their employment does not include health insurance. Being uninsured is a huge barrier to accessing the health services needed to be healthy. Lack of access to quality healthcare impacts more than the uninsured individual ñ it impacts families, employers, and the community. The Health Alliance for the Uninsured works collaboratively with community partners to improve collaboration and coordination of resources to improve health services. Below are current projects and future projects. Current Projects Cooperative Central Pharmacy ñ a unique public/private partnership, the Cooperative Central Pharmacy is open Mondays and Wednesdays serving low-income and uninsured persons and provides bulk medications to free clinics for dispensing to patients. By working together, Oklahoma County Social Services Department, Good Shepherd Ministries and HAU, with critical support by funding partners, are helping solve access issues related to medications. CareScope Data System is a web-based patient and clinic information system that HAU purchased to provide without cost to HAU-affiliated free clinics. Use of CareScope can improve record keeping related to measurements of patient health outcomes, track volunteer services and the value of services provided to patients. In 2011, CareScope and SMRTNet, the Secure Medical Records Transfer Network serving most central Oklahoma hospitals will be interfaced to improve patient safety and quality of care. Diabetes Wellness Project brings help and hope to hundreds of free clinic patients each year. Skilled Certified Diabetes Educators, dietitians, fitness experts, and health care providers lead patients through a 4 session participatory educational program designed to increase knowledge and support free clinic patients, and their families, striving to stay healthy while living with an expensive, long-term illness. Results and feedback indicate this program changes lives. Care Connection is HAUís system for matching free clinic patients with needs beyond the clinic capacity, with community providers that can help meet those needs. Free clinic patient needs include specialists, diagnostic procedures, and surgical procedures. The Care Connection has begun to assist with needs but must grow to include many more resources. HAUís Board of Directors believes in HAUís ability to be a catalyst for strengthening the volunteer culture in Central Oklahoma

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