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Remember: We gave thanks this day. For everyone. "For our community, our common past and future hope, our oneness transcending all separation, our capacity to work for peace and justice in the midst of hostility and oppression." Let it be.

November 11, 2016

We have now had a few days to process the implications of the 2016 presidential election. We are just now starting to see what the incoming Trump administration will look like. And just as we did when President Obama was preparing to take office, we are making clear our commitment to protect religious freedom for all Americans.

The rhetoric of the campaign gives me reason to be deeply concerned about what the future may hold. And we can't afford to wait and see if a President Trump will make good on his campaign promises to roll back the religious freedom protections we have fought so hard to...

November 9, 2016

We have just come through an election period marked by, marred by, some of the most divisive rhetoric and disrespect, and sometimes by expressions of hatred and bigotry, that we have seen in years past. Not surprisingly, this probably has spawned some actions that are hurtful to members of our communities, and even has increased violence against segments of our society.

We can and should hope for a meaningful degree of reconciliation and healing, while adhering to our democratic values of peaceful transition of power. We can and should give a new administration a chance to do positive things...

November 3, 2016

Dead Sea Scroll Research at Oklahoma City University: A Four-Year, Undergraduate-Faculty Collaborative Adventure

Join us on Thursday, November 3 at noon for a presentation by our OCU Dead Sea Scroll research team, whose work has just been published.  Our student-faculty group, including Allison Bevers, Kathryn Hirsch, Leigh Smith, Daniel Ethan Watt, and Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe finally can describe the exciting findings of our work on a fragment of Psalm 11 from the Museum of the Bible Collection.  A recently-published book contains the OCU team’s conclusions about this artifact, along with a chapter...

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May 21, 2020

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