Introducing The American Purpose series by Interfaith Alliance

In 1960, Henry Luce, publisher of Life Magazine, invited ten renowned Americans to address the “national purpose” in an essay. A change in national life was coming, and Luce turned to the people he believed could conduct a public discussion that would challenge Americans to a common purpose again. 

Sixty years later, we find ourselves at another consequential period in history that for many of us, has prompted a renewed evaluation of the American project. Is it a failure or a success? Is our democracy at risk right now?

As we weather a pandemic, racial justice uprisings, rising white nationalism, and a new presidential administration, The president of the national Interfaith Alliance, Rabbi Jack Moline asks the same questions that Henry Luce did – where are we headed, and where should we be headed? – in a new Interfaith Alliance web series, The American Purpose.

Starting February 10, join Interfaith Alliance every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. on Facebook Live as we explore our American purpose. Rabbi Moline will be joined by twelve diverse leaders, beginning with Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), to determine how our nation can move forward in pursuit of democracy, justice, and equality. 

It is time for a new cohort of observers to imagine the national purpose. We hope you join us in this endeavor. 


Rabbi Jack Moline 
President, Interfaith Alliance

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