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(formerly Beyond Coexistence)


February 2, 2019

Interfaith Group to Volunteer at Love Link Ministries

Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to translate their values into meaningful action on Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 12:30-4:00pm. 

The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma community service group, Many Beliefs Serving Together, invite volunteers to work in the Love Link Ministries food pantry and thrift store. Volunteers will be doing light maintenance, painting, sorting and spring cleaning and have an opportunity to meet others working together and have break time conversations.

WHERE: 1122 Linwood Boulevard in Oklahoma City
WHEN:    Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 12:30-4:00pm


Janie Kirt Morris, chair of the Many Beliefs Serving Together committee, said that members come from different religious backgrounds to serve their community. “Volunteers will work as a team improving the lives of vulnerable Oklahomans. By cooperating across religious and cultural differences we can help those in need and create positive interfaith relationships while serving the community,” said Morris. 

Love Link Ministries Executive Director Joel Mullen said he appreciates working with the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma to accomplish his organization's mission. “This partnership will help to alleviate poverty and encourage physical and spiritual health by working from a Christian perspective,” explained Mullen.

REGISTER HERE by Feb. 1, 2019 to participate. 

OUR MISSION: to foster interfaith friendships

and to practice cooperation by serving

our community together


Since 2013, The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma has been sponsoring activities that intentionally bring together our rich, diverse, and service-minded communities of belief in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The goal: give everyone a chance to get to know people of other beliefs, in a friendly and safe environment, by letting them work comfortably side by side helping our city in real, tangible ways. 

Since our first event, renovating the gardens and grounds of a Catholic Homeless Shelter, we have conducted over six projects that involved face-to-face, hands on encounters.  We have spent days serving the poor, preparing food for the hungry, providing community education programs, assisting in free healthcare delivery, and showing solidarity to communities of faith being publicly persecuted.

Each of our projects has a specific service focus, and is organized in a way that volunteers are surrounded by people whose beliefs and cultures may be different, but whose hearts value the same thing: loving community. That's the only prerequisite! 


We arrange volunteers in groups of 5-10, and try to obtain participation from members of all local belief systems, including atheists and agnostics. We then divide up the volunteers by belief system so they have the chance to work, for a half-day or full day, with new friends. Although the projects are physical in nature, pre-assigned group leaders encourage conversation and friendship during the work period and we take time to reflect on the philosophical and spiritual goals that drive each member's community work.

Some of our projects are excellent for those just beginning to learn about the diverse community in which they live. Others are suited more for those experienced and comfortable in interfaith community service.